How to Make a Perfect Website

How to make a perfect website

Today everybody dream to have a website which usually earn some huge amount of income but it is not as simple as he thinks. Some hard work, little bit technical skill and lots of patience is necessary to win or to stand out from the queue. The heart of the website is content choosing the best topic means the issue or concept that you are aware of if your interest is writing love stories then go for it don’t go for other kinds of story writing because it takes some time for you to earn skill in that so it is necessary to find out your stream of interest.

Domain Name:

Choose a perfect domain which reflects the main content of the website. Check the age of the domain before you go for a purchase if helps in indexing your website more quickly. Short domain are also good when you go for 3 to 4 characters but they are so costly better go for 5 or 6 letter domains. Do some research while you make a purchase, are good sources to find a good domain name for your blog.

Hosting: Particularly when comes to hosting people search for low cost hosting or cheap hosting or some go for free hosting providers. When it comes to free hosting some hosting providers force ads on to the website initially there won’t be any ads but whenever you’re your site reaches a good traffic level they opt ads onto your site even they block your domain too.  Where as in low cost or cheap hosting when the site load is heavy that is when lots of visitors visited your site at once the website gets hanged or it may be not available for the some visitors. Even the support is not up to mark in cheap hosting. Basically I prefer Godaddy, Hostgator, Hostinger hostings providers they have provided very good support for me.

Building the skeleton of the website:

Mainly most websites today online are basically designed on WordPress platform. They are providing lot many resources for their clients. WordPress is an open source platform with thousands of plugins and themes. They are providing some premium themes for free and premium plugins too which helps your website to stand out of the crowd.

Selecting the apt theme makes the visitor to stay for a while and to surf some more pages. The navigation menu should be easily visible to the visitor. Be clear, direct and genuine to your visitors that make them to bounce back again for some more information. Don’t simply go on posting try to do some SEO on the blog so that the traffic eventually increases along with the content of the website. Try to post some amount of post before going for social media promotion because the visitor should find some content to stay and surf for a while.

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