Facebook Marketing Techniques

Now a days 7 out 10 youngsters holds Facebook account. So it is very easy to populate content on Facebook. Facebook also provide must cheap rate to promote their content including ECommerce products.

Writing a Good Post

Describe a well creative title for the post. The post should be 160 characters don’t blindly post all the matter on Facebook because you won’t get much traffic if you do so. The title should be enthusiastic for the reader to read the whole content .

Images and Videos

Post 2 or 3 images in the post loo that they should be relevant to the post. Avoid posting links it may decrease your post reach. If you using it will be good.

Crucial part is tagging friends tag much more popular people in the post even if they are your friends be particular about selecting the persons. They should have lots of friends and they should interact with the post in real time. Reacting to the post helps to get more post reach. Tag 5 to 10 people per each post.

Finding new friends

Facebook is provided with search bar search for the related niche that your website or blog is related. Find some groups some groups require permission for you to post. Ask for permission after you get access don’t just go on posting your content to the Group, it may lead you to get removed. So try to post some comments for the other post done by other users of the Group. It increases trust on you after 3 to 4 days post a relevant topic apt to the group find some trending topics on the internet related to niche. Try to give reply to each and every comment so the post reach increases. You can also tag some persons but not many.

By following the above steps your post will get good traffic nearly 50-100 visitors based on the trend that you have posted. Your facebook page follow insights will also increase abnormally. Many people won’t trust online but online is the place of trust once started trusting the website statistics go beyond the limit.

Ask some questionnaire for example some people post photoshop image eyes and body parts mapping and mathematical solutions and some quiz which increases your following

So we have to notice one thing mostly commonly posting is done in normal way but this thing are not noted by many only blogger.

Write a Trustworthy Post

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