Earning From PTC Websites

Why people go around PTC (pay-per-click) websites

What are PTC websites?

PTC means Pay-To-Click website. They usually pay for viewing advertisements. Each user should have only one account per IP address because the ads refresh once in every 24 hours.

Earning opportunities from PTC sites:

Users or the publishers can earn by viewing ads the cost they pay for ad may vary from site to site. They can do micro jobs which they can earn some more. Registering on website and downloading app can help them to earn some coins which can again be converted into money. Publishers can use their earnings for withdrawal or they can advertise their website in order to get some traffic.

Risk factors:

I have been online since 2007 I have searched online for many money ways for years in that PTC websites are one among them. Most of the PTC website pay very little amount nearly they don’t even pay $0.5 per day. Hardly 5 out of 1000 are earning enough from PTC websites. They provide nearly 10-20 ads per day which earns you a very little amount.

For example if a PTC website gives $0.001 per click then for 20 ads you will get

20 X 0.001 = $0.02

So for 30 days you will get

20 X 30 X 0.001 = $0.6

So it takes lots of time to earn $1. Even the payouts in some website are very high which may even $10. Many earn some bucks by doing micro jobs which ads a little pushup to earning.

Coming to referral program I have made two referrals working for two months so it is hard task to find working referrals who click ads daily for you. Many buy referrals please be cautious because lot many sites use bots as referrals. So hardly your earning is enough to exchange referrals or to buy new bots. So investing on referrals is waste of money and time.

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