Seo Website Analysis

Best SEO Tools to beat your competitor websites

It will me more easier to call them website analysers more than SEO tools. This tools help to overcome your competitor website. Generally they are used every day to get best results because your competitors grow huge every day. It may depends on various reasons like domain age, keywords and many other factors so analysing some of this factors of your competitor website will boost your ranking and traffic.

Find the competitor website that are similar to your niche

One should setup goals to reach high in related to your niche use to find out your competitor websites. U can get some good seo competitors at

to find the competitors search your website in It also shows your site ranking on google the keywords that high populate your webiste. K lets come to the point.

you can type your website address at to get result about your website.

then scroll down at a point you can find related sites

You can get the result by audience visit. You can get only 5 results for it.

Another best website to get the similar website is You can also get chrome extension for You can get a bulk list of similar websites.You can also get some keywords and the category of the website.

You can replace with your website. I prefer this search to find my competitors. List out some of the websites in a excel so that you can have extract all the required data about your competitors.

Keyword research about your competitors shows some keywords about your competitor websites but they are not sufficient for your to get boosted. Find a keyword that


Keyword Extractor Tool help you to extract keywords from your competitor websites. Northcutt extract single, double and triple word phases of keyword. After knowing the keyword you can get ranked for that keyword higher.

I will write another article on How to get your best keyword ranked.


Many website copy content if you have written an article if you have to find a website post uniqueness then find plagiarism of the post. Uniqueness helps you to get your website rank good.

It uses deep search technology so you can find phrase of words or sentences that are similar in any article. You can get the details of the website on which the similar phrase or sentence is present the best thing about this search is it will show the percentage of uniqueness to on its right hand side. It will also show all the websites the article is present.